Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is committed to the safety of students, employees, and visitors at all College campuses and centers. The Department of Public Safety takes a proactive stance in response to crime on campus and strives to identify problems and address issues before a crisis occurs. A student is encouraged to assist the Department of Public Safety by contacting the department when any of the following occur:

1.     You are a victim of crime occurring on campus.

2.    You are or may be a victim of domestic violence.

3.    You are a victim of rape (including acquaintance rape).

4.    You are being stalked.

5.    You know of crimes occurring on campus.

6.    You have been a victim of crime, on or off campus, and need information, counseling, or referral for further help.

7.    You have questions about Florida laws or law-related issues.

8.    You need help and do not know where to go or whom to ask for information.

9.    You need assistance starting your car.

10.  You need car key assistance to enter your car.

11.   You would like a police escort to ensure safety to or from your class.