A student is first a citizen of his or her country, and as such is entitled to its freedoms and benefits and is simultaneously responsible for compliance with its laws and regulations: local, state, and national. Similarly, when a person enrolls at Pensacola State College, he or she becomes a member of the academic community, and members of this community have certain responsibilities. In this sense, the relationship between the student and the College is a voluntary agreement, or contract, which involves rights and responsibilities designed to accomplish with maximum order and effectiveness the goals of the College.

Enrollment at this institution is voluntary, not compulsory. The Federal Constitution protects the equality of opportunity for all qualified persons to enroll at Pensacola State College. Since enrollment is voluntary, the student voluntarily assumes the obligations of performance and behavior reasonably imposed by the institution relevant to its lawful mission, processes, and functions. The institution assumes the obligation of establishing guidelines and taking necessary steps to ensure compliance with this obligation. The rights of the students to learn and of the faculty to teach are obligations the institution is charged to uphold. The institution will, therefore, take the necessary steps to protect those rights.

No member of the academic community may, without liability to lawful discipline, intentionally act to impair or prevent the accomplishment of any lawful mission, process, or function of the institution.