College Authority

1. Under the authority of s. 1001.64, F.S., and s. 1006.60, F.S., the District Board of Trustees of Pensacola State College is authorized to establish policies and procedures governing the behavior and discipline of students.

2. The authority of the College to impose penalties will be asserted when the Code of Student Conduct is violated. The authority also carries to restricting students from registration and returning to class until conduct violation hearings are resolved.

3. When activities of the student result in violation of federal, state, or local laws, those students who violate such laws will be penalized as prescribed by civil and institutional authorities.

4. Registered student organizations are also responsible for compliance with the policies set forth in this section.

5. Activities sponsored by the College, including student groups participating off campus in College-sponsored or related activities, shall be subject to supervision by the College.

6. The College is not required to postpone hearings for violations of the Code of Student Conduct or College policies if there are also criminal proceedings. In some cases, the College will allow the investigation of law enforcement and criminal proceedings to take place prior to a conduct hearing with a student or recognized student organization.