College Credit and Vocational Credit (Clock Hour) Courses

Courses are listed alphabetically and are organized by numerical order within each discipline. Each course is designated as college credit (cc), vocational clock hours (ch), developmental education credit (cp), or institutional credit (ic).

The first number following the course prefix indicates the level of the course. If the first number is a zero (0), for example, BSC 0070, the course is a vocational certificate (clock hour) course (ch) or developmental education credit (cp), such as MAT 0028. A course with a number beginning with a 1 or 2, such as ENC1102 or PHI2070, is a college credit (cc) course. Baccalaureate college credit courses begin with a 3 or 4, such as MAN3303 or NUR4636. In general, vocational certificate (clock hour) courses and developmental education courses are not transferable to baccalaureate programs; college credit courses are usually transferable. College credit courses with the "AS Only" designation in the course description may be transferable to baccalaureate programs at Pensacola State College and schools with which Pensacola State College has developed specific articulation agreements. Questions about these issues should be addressed with a counselor, the appropriate departmental head, or the Registrar's Office. See also the section entitled Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System.

Selected courses may be offered online by means of distance learning. Not all courses are offered at all campuses or during all terms. A student should consult the current course schedule to determine which courses are available. Course sections may be added or canceled based on enrollment.

Course Section Term Schedule

The term during which a course will be offered is included in the course description with the following indicators

FA =  Fall Term;
SP =  Spring Term;
SU =  Summer Term; and
TBA =  To Be Announced (consult with the appropriate department).