Sabroski, Michael

STEM Lab Supervisor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Sapiera, Ferdinand

Computer Lab Technician, Academic Computing

Schackmann, Scott

Instructor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Schmidt, Melissa

Circulation Technician, Library Services, Warrington Campus

Schoolcraft, Britni

Lecturer, English and Communications

Schuler, Charles

Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Schulte, Michelle

Gallery Director, Visual Arts

Schultz, Katherine

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Scott, Juanita

Director, Staff Professional Development

Sears, Melissa

Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Seay, Robert

Central Services Supervisor, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services

Seegert, Anh

Bursar, Cashier

Self, Lindsey

Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources

Shaud, Laura

Director, Business and Administration, WSRE


Sherlock, Jennifer

Systems Support Analyst, Systems Support


Sherrill, Lauren

Instructor, Allied Health


Simmons, Brian

Computer Systems Analyst, Management Information Systems

Simpson-Robinson, Natasha

Professor, Business

Sims, Lacey 

Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid

Sims, Lisa

Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Sluder, Dusti

Dean, Health Sciences, Warrington Campus


Smith, Bre

Service Officer/Dispatcher, Public Safety

Smith, Juline

Lecturer, Natural Sciences

Smith, Maricia

Administrative Assistant, Humanities and Social Sciences

Smith, Ricky

Coordinator, Technology Support, Microcomputer Resources

Smith, Roslyn

Cosmetic Arts Technician, Professional Services

Smith, Sara

Assistant Professor, English and Communications


Southerland, Sandy

Professor, Culinary and Hospitality Management

Sowa, Margaret

Associate Professor, Adult Education

Sowell, Mitzie

Department Head, Allied Health


Spicer, Anita

Events Coordinator, Student Affairs

Spicer, Erin

Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs

Spracklen, Karen

Payroll Accountant, Payroll Services

Stallings, Joe

Professor, Performing Arts

Stanton, Susan

Math Lab Specialist, Mathematics and Computer Science

Starke, Jeffrey

Systems Coordinator, Management Information Systems

Steele, Richard

Sergeant, College Police, Public Safety


Sturges, Sarah

Administrative Assistant, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

Suarez-O'Connor, Marta

Education Director, Center for Patient Simulation Training, Warrington Campus


Suchcicki, Mike

Multimedia Specialist, Marketing and College Information


Sullivan, Christina

Senior Administrative Assistant, Workday Implementation

Summers, Bruce

Senior System and Computer Operations Technician, Systems Support

Swanson, Paul

Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Sweeney, Charlotte

Librarian, Library Services, Milton Campus