Ramachandran, Vasanth

Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Randall, Sandra

Administrative Assistant, Natural Sciences

Rani, Rodney

Evening Sergeant, College Police, Public Safety

Ray, Sandra

Associate Vice President, Government and Community Relations

Redwing, Jacob

Instructor, Engineering Technology

Reed, Courtney

Senior Administrative Assistant, College Foundation

Reese, Tianna 

Associate Coordinator, Financial Aid 

Regan, Kristen

Associate Professor, Visual Arts


Reyes, Denise

Veteran Services Specialist, Veteran Services

Rhea, Jimmy

Instructor, Visual Arts

Rice, Cathy

Administrative Assistant, WSRE

Riker, Mary

Director, Marketing and Communications, WSRE

Rivera Jr., Christopher

Coordinator, Restricted Accounting, Comptroller

Robbins, Susan

Associate Professor, Business 

Robertson, Karol

Help Desk Specialist, Microcomputer Resources

Robinson, Brigette

Associate Professor, English and Communications 

Rodriguez, Barbara

Department Head, Business

Rogers, Doug

Coordinator, Intramurals, Athletics

Rogers, Lauren

Instructor, Natural Sciences

Rolison, Jac

Instructor, Engineering Technology

Roshell, Karen

Coordinator, Curriculum Services, Baccalaureate Studies and Academic Support

Rowan, Michael

Senior TV Producer/Director, WSRE

Roy, James

Multi Media Production Manager, WSRE

Rozborski, Joanne

Director, Financial Aid

Rucker, Brian

Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Russell, Jamie

Grants Development Manager, Grants and Federal Programs

Russell, Scott

Maintenance Specialist II, Maintenance Services

Ryals, Debra

Associate Professor, English and Communications

Ryan, Kelly

Administrative Assistant, Performing Arts