Mabins, Mary

Coordinator, Marketing and College Information

Magaha, Marla

Instructor, Allied Health

Markwick, Kimberly

Instructor, Professional Services

Martin, Roberta

Circulation Technician, Library, Milton Campus

Martinez, Valeria

Coordinator, Student Financial Services, Cashier

Massey, Jeff

Computer Lab Technician, Academic Computing, Milton Campus

Matthews-Bethea, Marcy

Student Services Specialist, Educational Talent Search

McAferty, Kenneth

Professor, English and Communications

McArthur, Jo 

Business and Industry Outreach Coordinator, Career and Technical Education Student Resources

McCabe, Karen

Director, South Santa Rosa Center 

McCall-Strehlow, Sonja

Professor, Professional Services

McCarley, Christi

Student Services Specialist, Educational Talent Search

McClellan, Randall

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

McClintock, Deborah

Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

McClure, Gail

Science Lab Specialist, Natural Sciences

McCowan, Kelly

Culinary Technician, Culinary and Hospitality Management

McCrary, Benjamin

Computer Systems Analyst, Management Information Systems

McCreary, Tanesha

Employment Specialist, Human Resources

McDole, Samantha

Contact Center Advisor, Admissions

McDonald, Sharonia

Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid/Scholarships

McGowan, Timothy

Program Director, Educational Opportunity Center

McGrath, Julie

Instructor, Visual Arts

McGuire, Ann

Accounting Specialist, WSRE

McHenry, Beau

Director, Management Information Systems Support

McIntyre, Heather

Maintenance Specialist I, Maintenance Services 

McKay, Linda

Instructor, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

McKerren, Staci 

Senior Executive Assistant, Administrative Services and General Counsel

McMahon, Brenton

Manager, Online Media Technologies and Web Content, WSRE

McNeal, Wanda

Assistant Director, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

McSwain, Joshua 

Instructor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Meadows, C. Edward


Meffan, Patrick

Circulation Technician, Library Services


Mendez, Stephanie 

College Police Officer, Public Safety

Merritt, Bert

Executive Director, Information Technology Services

Merritt, Kathryn

Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Mertins, Robin

Graphic Artist/Graphic Design Specialist, Marketing and College Information


Meyer, Debby

Director, Adult Education

Meyer-Paterson, Sarah

Instructor, Allied Health

Millis, Jessica

Supervisor, Writing Lab, English and Communications

Milton, Angela

Administrative Assistant, Cashier

Miner, Melonie

Contract Processor and Records Management, Business Affairs

Moon, Troy

Writer, Content Specialist and Editor, Marketing and College Information

Moore, Sandy

Instructor, Allied Health

Morgan, Clint

Computer Lab Technician, Academic Computing, Milton Campus

Morgan, Susan

Department Head, Humanities and Social Sciences

Morris, Elaine

Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources

Moseley, Elizabeth

Director, Student Resource Center for ADA Services

Mosley, Darlene

Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Mowery, Debra

Senior Test Technician, Testing Services