Haberbush, Jo

Instructor, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

Hagan, Wayne

Academic Advisor/Life Skills Counselor, Veteran Student Support Services

Haggard, Michelle

Professor, Business

Haight, Monte

College Police Officer, Public Safety

Halbert, Arla

Circulation Technician, Library Services

Hall, Rose

Administrative Assistant, eLearning

Hamilton, Bill

Director, Athletics

Hammonds, Sylvia

Administrative Assistant, Workforce Education

Hanson, Kay

Computer Services Operations Coordinator, Systems Support

Hardin, Greg

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Haros, Juanita

Administrative Assistant, Title III Grant Pirate PATH to Success

Harper, Kerriyan

Instructor, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

Harris, Anthony

Counselor, Advising Center

Harris, Darene

Library Acquisition Technician, Library Services

Harris, Doris

Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid

Harris, Jenica

Instructor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Harris, Jessica

Instructor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Harrison, Darrel

Director, Engineering and Broadcast Operations/Assistant General Manager, WSRE

Harvey, Roberta

Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Hathway, Timothy

Professor, Natural Sciences

Hattabaugh, Marie

Professor, Allied Health

Hatten, Savana

Systems Coordinator, Management Information Systems

Haynes, Wayne

Instructor, Business

Hecht, Stephen

Lecturer, Mathematics and Computer Science

Heller, Madeline

Administrative Support Specialist, Senior Dean, Academic Affairs

Henderson, Kylie

Administrative Support Specialist, Baccalaureate Studies and Academic Support

Henderson, Tammy

Director, Human Resources

Henry, Renee

Coordinator, Fitness Center and Wellness

Henry, Wayne

Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Services, Milton Campus

Hernandez, Erin

Director, Systems Support

Hess, Aurora

Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid

Hightower, James

Professor, Business

Hilby, Natalie

Associate Coordinator, Financial Aid

Hill, Jennifer

Manager, Donor Services, WSRE

Hill, Laura

Donor Relations/Events Manager, College Foundation

Hill, Samantha

Director, Admissions

Hill Faron, Jennifer

Interim Dean, Milton Campus

Hinds, David

College Police Officer, Public Safety

Hines, James

Senior Coordinator, Academic Computing


Hodson, Tracie

Director, Development and Community Engagement, WSRE 

Holder, John

Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Holt, Frederick

Associate Coordinator, Restricted Accounting, Comptroller

Holt, Nicholas

Technology Support Specialist, Microcomputer Resources

Hooks, Deborah

Director, Career and Technical Education Student Resources

Hopkins, Mark

Instructor, Visual Arts

Horacek, Pat

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Hotard, Felix 

Senior Network Support Analyst, Network and Telecommunications

Houston, Clive

Technical Specialist, Workday Implementation

Howard, Kristy 

Transcript Evaluator, Records

Hubbs, Jill

Interim General Manager, WSRE

Hudon, Katie

Director, Student Services, Warrington Campus

Huffman, Albert

Counselor, Advising Center

Hullenbaugh, George

Network Support Analyst, Telecommunications Systems

Hunt, Aaron

Supervisor, Health Sciences Learning Center, Warrington Campus

Hunt, Larry

Maintenance Specialist (Carpenter), Maintenance Services

Hunter, Tracy

Administrative Assistant, Workforce and Economic Development, Downtown Center

Hurd, Lois

Specialist, Career and Technical Education Student Resources

Hutching, Beverly

Administrative Assistant, Career and Technical Education Student Resources

Hyacinthe, Roland

Network Support Analyst, Telecommunications Systems

Hyacinthe, Ty

Service Officer/Dispatcher, Public Safety