Gainer, Hannah

Administrative Assistant, English and Communications

Gandrup, Robert

Technical Director, Performing Arts

Gant, Evelyn

Computer Systems Analyst, Management Information Systems

Garber, Thor

Professor, Natural Sciences

Garner, Lindsey

Administrative Assistant, Alumni Affairs

Garrett, Jonathan

Environmental Management Manager, Maintenance Services

Garrett, Rodney

Professor, English and Communications

Garrity, Caren 

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Gary, Amanda

College Police Officer, Public Safety

Gassman, Lisa

Systems and Computer Operations Technician, Systems Support

Gatdula, Gemma

Temporary Employee Specialist, Business Affairs

Gerard, Deborah

Student Services Advisor, South Santa Rosa Center

Geyer, Kathie

Administrative Assistant, Testing Services

Giacin, Robin

Student Services Specialist, Educational Opportunity Center

Giannakis, Susan

Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Gibbs, Harvey

Instructor, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

Gilliam, Dena

Circulation Technician, Library Services, Milton Campus

Gilliam, Jr., Thomas

Vice President, Administrative Services and General Counsel

Gladdney, Anthony

Senior Technology Specialist, Microcomputer Resources

Goley, Robert

Director, Public Safety/Chief of College Police

Gomez, Liz

Director, Technology Support, Microcomputer Resources

Gonzales, Neil

Research Analyst, Institutional Research

Gonzalez, Cesar

Maintenance/Security Technician, Century Center

Gonzalez Quesada, Daniela

Instructor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Good, Thomas

Courier, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services

Goodspeed, Maria

Coordinator, Library Technical Services

Gorman, Glen

Instructor, Engineering Technology

Gottschalk, Stephen

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Govens, Norma 

Admissions Specialist, Records

Grace, Marcie

Administrative Assistant, Athletics

Grahame, Anthony

Instructor, Engineering Technology

Grasso, Domenick

Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Graves, Mary

Senior Computer Systems Analyst, Management Information Systems

Gregg, Rob

Project Director, Veterans Upward Bound  

Gregorowicz, Janice

Science Lab Specialist, Natural Sciences

Grierson, Davieda

Benefits Processing Specialist, Human Resources

Griffin, Kevin

Maintenance Supervisor-Transportation, Transportation Services

Groce, Kareem

Maintenance Specialist (HVAC), Maintenance Services

Gutknecht, Evelyn

Senior Computer Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services