Faller, Amanda

Contact Center Advisor, Admissions

Farose, Marcelene

Help Desk Specialist, Microcomputer Resources

Farthing, Suzanne

Instructor, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

Faulkner, Ashley

Student Services Advisor, Title III Grant Pirate PATH to Success

Fawal, Claire

Instructor, Allied Health

Feinberg, Linda

Coordinator, Federal Direct Loans and Default Management, Financial Aid/Scholarships

Feliciano, David

Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Research

Fitzgerald, William

Library Specialist, Warrington Campus

Flanigan, Stephen

Computer Lab Technician, Academic Computing

Fletcher, Laura

Senior Administrative Assistant, Institutional Research

Floyd, Judy

Counselor, Advising Center

Forehand, Blake

College Police Officer, Public Safety

Fox, Edith

Student Services Advisor, Warrington Campus

Francis, Mark

Professor, Visual Arts

Francis, Mikenzie

Donor Relations Coordinator, College Foundation

Frazier, Frances

Administrative Assistant, Century Center

Freeman, Therese

Accounting Specialist, WSRE

Freeney, Betty

Senior Storekeeper, Plant Operations

Friant, Patrice

Assistant Director, Records

Fundin, Eric

Director, Station Operations, WSRE