Cacace, Richard

Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Cain, Micah

Instructor, Visual Arts

Cannon, Michael

Associate Professor, Engineering Technology

Cantrell, David

Maintenance Specialist (HVAC), Maintenance Services 

Carden, Wendy

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Carey, Amber

Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Carlisle, Donna

Property Specialist, Comptroller

Carr, Jeremy

Instructor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Carr, Richard

Instructor, Humanities and Social Sciences

Carter, Minisha

Lecturer, Applied Technology and Professional Services

Cash, Cody 

Systems and Computer Operations Technician, Systems Support

Cavanaugh, Kathryn

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences

Chaney, Paul

Learning Management System Integration Technologist, eLearning

Chisholm, Jessica 

Instructor, Nursing and Emergency Medical Services

Churill, Nickolas

College Police Officer, Public Safety

Clapper, Tina

Administrative Assistant, Educational Opportunity Center

Clark, Abe

Coordinator, Veterans Services, Financial Aid

Clark, Brittney

Coordinator, Mental Health Services, Institutional Equity and Student Conduct

Clark, Larry

Maintenance Specialist II, Maintenance Services

Clary, Joe

Assistant Director, Engineering and Operations, WSRE

Claypoole, Hillary

Ticket Office Technician, Performing Arts

Clinkenbeard, Crystal

Contact Center Advisor, Admissions

Cockfield, Tamares

Student Services Advisor, Student Services, Warrington Campus

Coker, Barry

Computer Systems Analyst, Management Information Systems

Colbert, Maria 

Administrative Support Specialist, Health Sciences, Warrington Campus

Cole, Diane

Professor, English and Communications

Collins, Monique

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Colville, Saundra

Senior Student Services Advisor, Advising Center

Common, Marianne

Capital Campaign Coordinator, College Foundation

Cook, Halley

Student Services Advisor, Title III Grant - Pirate PATH to Success

Corbin, Tina

Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Cormier, Anita

Administrative Assistant, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services

Courington, David

Systems Support Specialist, Systems Support

Cowper, Sheena

Lecturer, Humanities and Social Sciences

Coxwell, Kathryn

Coordinator, Student Resource Center for ADA Services

Crawford, Shannon

Senior Administrative Assistant, Grants and Federal Programs

Crews, Patricia

Executive Assistant to the President, Office of the President

Crider, Mack

Instructor, Business