eLearning (Distance Learning)

Pensacola State College is committed to providing every student with a consistent, comprehensive, and user friendly eLearning environment to maximize scheduling flexibility and to reduce travel time.

Most eLearning opportunities are college credit courses that are part of a baccalaureate, Associate in Arts, or Associate in Science degree program of study. These courses cover the same material at the same level of academic rigor as in the traditional classroom environment; however, most students find online learning to be more challenging than classroom learning. Developmental education courses and Career Certificate (Vocational Certificate) clock hour courses are not available through eLearning. The student utilizing VA benefits should contact the Veterans Services office in Building 6 on the Pensacola Campus or by email at to discuss using VA benefits for online coursework.  

The extent to which a student may engage in eLearning is described in the following course models.

Distance Learning: Distance learning courses, also referred to as “online” courses, require no on-campus visits. Pensacola State College offers 2 types of online courses: Live Online and Traditional Online.

A Live Online class is scheduled like a traditional face-to-face class with the same content and experiences. The difference is that students and professor are not in the same location. Students in a Live Online class must login to the class via the internet during the scheduled day(s) and time(s). Students see and hear the instructor and classmates and participate in the class virtually. Reliable internet access, a webcam, and a microphone are required. Live Online is sometimes called Synchronous Online.

Traditional Online class is not scheduled during specific days and times. Although students may complete the coursework when they desire, they must make certain to meet all deadlines established by the professor. Reliable internet access is required. Traditional Online is sometimes called Asynchronous Online.

Note: Although no on campus visits are required for a Live Online or Traditional Online class, many instructors do require proctored testing, which the student may complete on a PSC campus or under the supervision of a mutually acceptable proctor living anywhere in the world. Section numbers for Distance Learning courses fall within the following ranges: 9500s, 9600s, 9700s, 7100s.

In Hybrid Course campus visits are reduced and substituted with online instruction. Hybrid courses do not carry a Distance Learning Fee. Lower level hybrid courses have section numbers in the 2400s; baccalaureate level hybrid courses have section numbers from 7000-7049.

Traditional Courses: The majority of college-credit courses now incorporate some degree of eLearning methods and technology. Although a traditional face-to-face course meets on campus for all instruction, the faculty member often includes supplemental course materials via the internet.

Important things to do prior to registration

1.  Visit the Pensacola State College eLearning website for additional information:

2.  Request access to and complete the eLearning Course Preview on the eLearning website.

For questions regarding eLearning at Pensacola State College call (850) 484-1238 or email


Each admitted student is provided an institutional email account called PirateMail. PirateMail is the official method of communication to the student from the College. The student should activate the PirateMail account within a week of admission and is expected to check the PirateMail accounts at least once per week, more often during a registration period. See complete details regarding PirateMail in this College Catalog. Pensacola State College provides every student an email account through the PirateMail system. PirateMail is the primary method of communication with Pensacola State College credit seeking students. The PirateMail account becomes available to the credit-seeking student one business day after the application or re-application has been processed. Each student is responsible for activating the PirateMail account and accessing emails from the College. The expectation is that the student will access the PirateMail account at least once per week and more often during a registration period. Failure to access the PirateMail account and read communications from the College will not be grounds for an appeal of any action taken by the College or any requirement established by a faculty member when that information has been communicated to a student by PirateMail. The PirateMail account will remain active throughout a student’s enrollment and for three terms after the last term of attendance.