Student Resource Center for ADA Services

The Student Resource Center for ADA Services is located on the Pensacola Campus in Building 6, Room 603, and can be reached by telephone at (850) 484-1637. A student with documented disabilities is enrolled in classes for inclusion in the educational experiences common to all students. A variety of services are provided:

1.    Orientation to campus facilities;

2.     Academic counseling;

3.     Special classroom arrangements;

4.     Information and assistance to faculty;

5.      Coordination with local community services;

6.     Referral to community agencies;

7.      Braille and taped materials;

8.     Adaptive computer software programs for reading materials;

9.     Special testing accommodations;

10.   Note taking assistance (copy of peer notes or use of audio recorder);

11.    Interpreters for deaf and hard of hearing; and

12.    Textbooks in alternative formats.

When necessary, course substitutions can be made pursuant to s. 1007.264, F.S., and 6A-10.041, F.A.C. Accommodations for the GED and other standardized tests are available.