As an open admissions institution, Pensacola State College gives students access to education beyond high school. Individuals with a high school diploma or an equivalent certification may apply for admission to PSC. Students without a high school diploma or an equivalent certification may be admitted to certain career certificate programs or the adult education program.   

If you are interested in applying for admission to Pensacola State College or have questions about the admissions process, the Admissions Office is the place to start. It is recommended that you begin the admissions process six months before you plan to begin classes so that there is sufficient time to apply for financial aid, complete necessary placement testing, provide necessary documentation, and ensure all admissions requirements are completed. 

All application forms and academic credentials should be on file well in advance of registration. A student with an incomplete admissions file may be granted provisional admission for the initial term of enrollment. However, registration beyond the first term will not be allowed unless all required documents are on file. Pensacola State College transcripts or other certifying information will not be released for or to those students with incomplete admissions files.

Several programs at Pensacola State College have additional admissions requirements. The applicant is responsible for reviewing specific requirements for the chosen program of study listed in this College Catalog or provided through the Office of Admissions. 

The College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant and to change any of the rules, courses, regulations, and charges listed in this document without notice. The admission of any student may be postponed or denied if the student has been convicted of, or is under investigation for, violation of local, state, or federal statute. Falsification of information on any admissions document may result in denial of admission or immediate dismissal from the College.