University of Florida at Pensacola State College

The University of Florida (UF) offers two Bachelor of Science degree programs on the Pensacola State College Milton Campus: Natural Resource Conservation and Plant Science with a specialization in Landscape and Nursery Horticulture. Earning a degree from the University of Florida, Milton Campus is no different from earning a degree from the Gainesville campus.

Natural Resource Conservation is a degree program that provides graduates with expertise in the management and conservation of our natural heritage, from forests and wildlife to water and soil. This program covers many different fields including ecology, biology, geology, management, and economic aspects of natural resources. Natural Resource Conservation students meet with a UF advisor to develop personalized programs of study, according to their areas of interest by utilizing elective choices in wildlife, forestry, biology, marine biology, ecotourism and environmental studies. Some areas of specialization include forestry, soils, coastal and wetland ecology, environmental law, and geographic information computer systems. Students may also choose to minor in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Environmental Horticulture, or Soil and Water Science. Natural Resource Conservation graduates find employment in government agencies, consulting firms, and environmental education programs and pursue careers as Ecologists, Environmental Educators, Fisheries Specialists, Environmental Consultants, GIS Specialists, Environmental Lawyers or Consultants, Research Technicians, Park Rangers and Restoration Specialists.

Plant Science: Specialization in Landscape and Nursery Horticulture is a field of study that deals with the art and science of breeding, propagating, installing, and maintaining plants that are used to enhance and improve the human environment. In this sustainable field, students can be creative, work outdoors, and improve the urban environment. Landscape and Nursery Horticulture represents a diverse field including Ornamental Horticulture, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Conservation, Landscape Design, Floriculture, and Nursery Management. Students learn about the cutting edge of technology in plant science. This degree blends knowledge in business, plant science, and the environment, allowing students to focus on their interests and to prepare them for a career in the horticultural industry. Students apply principals of biology, botany, business, chemistry, mathematics, and education to growing and using plants in all areas of life. This degree provides the skills and training for employment in Florida’s diverse environmental horticulture industry, including theme parks, nursery industries, and landscape management firms. Graduates look forward to careers as nursery managers/owners, landscape designers, garden magazine journalists, environmental restoration consultants, extension specialists, plant breeders/inspectors, and municipal horticulturists. The Plant Science Degree program is administered by the University of Florida’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Students may also choose to minor in Wildlife Ecology Conservation and/or Soil and Water Science. Graduates of these programs receive salaries that are among the highest within these industries. Career opportunities include work with forestry, ecologists, biologists, golf courses, athletic fields, lawn care companies, parks, fisheries, environmental consulting firms, GIS specialists, environmental lawyers, research facilities, agrichemical industries, theme parks, botanical gardens, environmental consulting firms, sod farms and governmental agencies, as well as preparation for graduate school.

Admission to University of Florida, Milton Campus

Admission to the University of Florida programs requires an Associate in Arts degree. The AA degree will be accepted by UF, as long as students met the proper prerequisites for their desired program at the University of Florida. Students first enroll in Pensacola State College and complete an AA degree that includes the prerequisites specific to their program of interest. Once the AA is completed, students are eligible to apply for admission to the University of Florida. The University of Florida faculty and staff reside in the local area and deliver this seamless four-year transfer degree program along with other statewide faculty with expertise in a broad range of subjects. The UF programs, faculty, and staff on the Milton Campus are all part of the West Florida Research and Education Center, The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Students admitted to a UF program on the Milton Campus are members of the University of Florida student body and their diploma is conferred by the University of Florida.

Students are highly encouraged to seek counseling and instruction from the University of Florida Academic Coordinator on the Milton Campus in order to facilitate a smooth transition from Pensacola State College to UF.

For further information contact:

Academic Program Recruiter

University of Florida, Milton Campus

Building 4900 – Natural Resource Studies Building

Pensacola State College Campus, Milton, Florida

(850) 983-7138



Scholarship opportunities are available for Pensacola State College students enrolled in these programs while attending Pensacola State College via the 2+2 Scholarship for High School Students. For more information on this scholarship opportunity, please contact the Dean, Milton Campus, at (850) 484-4463.

After admission to the University of Florida, additional scholarships and grants are available. As a student of UF, most scholarships and grants are considered automatic with a completed on-time FAFSA. Some require a separate application and can be found on the SFA site at under the Scholarship Forms Section. Departmental scholarships (such as CALS awards), are both academic and merit based and awarded by the academic departments themselves. Each academic department at UF has its own criteria and guidelines for specific scholarships. Students should also visit the UF Foundation site at It lists all other UF endowed scholarships by department. Lastly, a few specific transfer scholarships awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Affairs are found on this site at Please contact (850) 983-7138 for more information.