Baccalaureate Degrees

The Marjan Mazza Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Business and Management, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity, and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees are baccalaureate programs designed to accommodate the unique demands for entry and advancement within specific workforce sectors. These programs provide degree completion opportunities for the student from any of a variety of educational backgrounds, but are primarily designed for the student with an earned associate degree.

Per Florida Administrative Code 6A-10.030, prior to entry into the upper division, a student must complete with a grade of C or higher ENC1101C, ENC1102, and 6 semester hours of additional coursework designated as writing emphasis (12 semester hours of writing emphasis coursework). In addition, a student must complete 6 semester hours of mathematics coursework, with a grade of C or higher, at the level of College Algebra or above. These 18 semester hours of writing emphasis and mathematics coursework count toward the 36 credit hour general education curriculum each baccalaureate student must complete. Each baccalaureate student must also satisfy the foreign language requirement and civic literacy requirement as defined in the general education section of this College Catalog.

Excess Hours Advisory Statement

Florida Statute establishes an excess hour surcharge for a student seeking a baccalaureate degree at a state university. It is critical that students, including those entering Florida state colleges, are aware of the potential for additional course fees.

Excess hours are defined as hours that go beyond 120% of the hours required for a baccalaureate degree program. For example, if the length of the program is 120 credit hours, the student may be subject to an excess hour surcharge for any credits attempted beyond 144 credit hours (120 x 120%).

All students whose educational plan may include earning a bachelor’s degree should make every effort to enroll in and successfully complete those courses that are required for their intended major on their first attempt. Florida college students intending to transfer to a state university should identify a major or transfer program early and be advised of admission requirements for that program, including the approved common prerequisites. Course withdrawals and/or repeats as well as enrollment in courses non-essential to the intended major may contribute to a potential excess hours surcharge.