Pirate Mail

Pensacola State College provides every student an email account through the PirateMail system. PirateMail is the primary method of communication with Pensacola State College credit seeking students. The PirateMail account becomes available to the credit-seeking student one business day after the application or re-application has been processed. Each student is responsible for activating the PirateMail account and accessing emails from the College. The expectation is that the student will access the PirateMail account at least once per week and more often during a registration period. Failure to access the PirateMail account and read communications from the College will not be grounds for an appeal of any action taken by the College or any requirement established by an instructor when that information has been communicated to a student by PirateMail. The PirateMail account will remain active throughout a student’s enrollment and for three semesters after the last term of attendance.