Other Support Services

Snack Bar and Vending

The College contracts for various food and vending services for the convenience of students, faculty, and College staff. Self-service vending is widely available, with beverage and snack vending machines available on each campus. There are Subway restaurants on the Pensacola and Warrington campuses. Student scholarship funds are routinely enhanced through vending commissions, made possible through use of the College's vending operations.

College Bookstores

The College has bookstores on the Milton, Pensacola, and Warrington campuses. These bookstores provide textbooks and supplies for sale to students, faculty, staff, and the community. Commissions from the bookstore operations fund scholarships for many Pensacola State College students. Books and supplies required for each course are kept in the College bookstores, as well as imprinted notebooks and clothes, and a large selection of College outlines and preparation and reference books. Textbooks may also be purchased via the website at www.efollett.com.

Books and supplies may be purchased by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or by authorization from the Financial Aid Office or other certifying office. Students may write checks for the amount of purchase or up to $5 over the purchase amount. Checks must include an address and a phone number. A driver’s license or state identification card is required.

For bookstore services at the South Santa Rosa Center, please call (850) 471-4630, and for bookstore services at the Century Center, please call (850) 471-4622.


A full refund is given if books are returned in the same condition as when purchased, as long as books are returned within 7 days from the first day of class and the student has proof of purchase via sales receipt.

Textbook Buy-Back

The College bookstores provide students the opportunity to sell their textbooks throughout the year. Highest used market value is paid for editions which will be used in the upcoming term, and national wholesale value is offered for all other titles. A picture ID is required.

Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information

Recognizing that the use and abuse of mind-altering substances represents a serious threat to the College’s mission, the College has devoted significant effort to the prevention of these problems. These efforts include educational programming, media presentations, curriculum resources, and referral services. For more information, contact the office of Student Leadership and Activities (850) 484-1503.