Center for Advising and Career Services

Pensacola State College offers academic advising, career advising, and educational planning for students. Our goal is to provide support and teach students how to be successful with their academic plans and career goals. Advising is available to assist students with program planning, course registration, and graduation or transfer requirements. First time in college (FTIC) students are required to attend SOAR and are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration for classes. Additionally, students who are at risk for success will have the opportunity to work with our FTIC Advisors. The FTIC Advisors will provide additional support to help students meet individual academic and career goals as well as address any other areas that hinder student success. Specialized academic advising is available in the various academic departments at Pensacola State College. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, an Advanced Technical Certificate, the Associate in Arts degree, an Associate in Science degree, or a certificate program may also receive advising through the appropriate department head or program director.

Students may obtain a degree audit through their Spyglass account located at Students may also access academic information through, which offers academic information specific to Florida public colleges and

Advisors are available on all campuses and centers:

Pensacola Campus Advising Center

Building 5, Room 508 

(850) 484-1630

Warrington Campus Student Services Office

Building 3600, Room 3612

(850) 484-2270

Milton Campus Student Services Office

Building 4200, Room 4202

(850) 484-4410

Century Center

(850) 471-4622

South Santa Rosa Center

(850) 471-4630