College Institutional Priorities

  1. Enhance partnerships to further develop capabilities to better serve students and the community.
  2. Invest in people by

    Improving evaluation processes;

    Improving professional development and training opportunities;

    Improving reward and recognition programs; and

    Formally celebrating achievement and productivity.

  3. Enhance the quality of instructional programs and services by

    Improving student learning;

    Improving student retention and completion;

    Improving satisfaction in all aspects of the student experience; and

    Increasing access to instructional programs and services through

    -use of technology, and

    -maintaining a physical presence in strategic locations throughout the College service area.

  4. Seek new financial resources for the College and College foundations.
  5. Ensure that existing resources are effectively utilized through improved efficiencies and entrepreneurial business practices.
  6. Acquire resources to maintain and upgrade existing facilities and construct new facilities to better support learning and student and community services.
  7. Seek increased diversity and promote a campus climate where the principles of affirmative action, equal opportunity, and multiculturalism are valued.
  8. Continuously improve customer service, campus safety, campus beautification, use of technology, institutional effectiveness processes, community service and internal communications.
  9. Market the College and programs of the College through current and emerging media conduits.