Student Job Services and Cooperative Education

Student Job Services assists Pensacola State College students and alumni with their employment needs and offers Cooperative Education opportunities to qualifying students. Employers can use Pensacola State College Works On-Line to post jobs and search for qualified applicants. Student job services reaches students and alumni either in person or virtually to provide services. 

Job Placement

Employment assistance is provided to all students and graduates.

Full-time and part-time jobs are listed at Pensacola State Works Online allows students and graduates to search for jobs and post resumes and allows employers to contact applicants. Student Job Services assists students in creating resumes, preparing for job interviews, and developing employability and work effectiveness skills. Interested students should contact Student Job Services, Building 6, Room 641 on the Pensacola campus or call (850) 484-1654 for more information. Students should update their online student profile each term.

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education program is a planned, paid work experience in which a student is employed in a job directly related to his or her fields of study. The program offers both alternating and parallel work schedules. In the alternating schedule, the student works full-time one semester and is enrolled in classes full-time the following semester. In the parallel schedule, the student is enrolled in classes and works part-time each semester.

The program offers academic or vocational credits for each semester worked. The student must maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout the cooperative education experience. Each student must complete certain requirements before being sent on job interviews and must also complete specific objectives related to his or her program for each semester of employment. These requirements will ensure that the student participates in real life occupational experiences, which will enhance the educational experience through individualized, on-the-job situations.

The cooperative education program unites the College, the student, and the employer to provide each student with a well-rounded education and offers experience for the job market. Any interested student should contact the Student Job Services, Building 6, Room 641 on the Pensacola Campus or call (850) 484-1654 for more information.

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