Continuing Education

The mission of Continuing Education is to be a strong link between the College and the community by offering courses and programs for lifelong learning, recreation and leisure, and cultural events at a reasonable price and convenient to students of all ages.

Individuals participate in continuing education courses or programs for a variety of reasons, including learning new skills, broadening the knowledge base for special topics of interest, cultivating hobbies, and enhancing lifestyles through leisure time activities. Classes are offered at times that meet the scheduling demands of the students.

Classes are delivered in a variety of formats, such as non-credit short courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences, and classes are located at numerous sites within the community as well as provided via internet. Qualified instructors with interest and expertise in the subject matter are selected from the community at large to teach continuing education courses.

Subject matter is provided under a vast array of categories, including creative arts, hobbies, home and garden, sports and fitness, work and life balance, and online courses. Courses include such topics of interest as painting and drawing, photography, acting, vocal and instrumental instruction, computer science, foreign languages, aerobic exercise, tennis, yoga, swimming, handcrafts, hobbies, home improvements, language arts, dog obedience, and more.

A unique program provided by the College is Pensacola State Kids’ College, which is a non-credit educational opportunity for young people ages 6–12, conducted during the summer months. Kids’ College is designed to give students quality instruction that is fun, interesting, and challenging. Subject areas include the arts and sciences, languages, computers, music and theatre, career exploration, sports, crafts and hobbies among others.

A number of state-regulated and court-mandated courses and programs are coordinated through Continuing Education, including TransParenting, Guardianship Education, Driver Improvement School, Motorcycle Safety Endorsement, and Tobacco and Consequences for Teens. For additional information please contact Continuing Education at (850) 484-1797.


Frances Yeo, (850) 484-2586


Dan Busse, (850) 484-1158