University Transfer Degree Programs

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is designed to prepare a student for entry into the junior year in an appropriate baccalaureate degree. The AA degree is a university parallel, college transfer degree comprised of 36 general education credits and 24 college elective credits. Although colleges and universities may vary the number and nature of courses which are required for the bachelor's degree programs, the Florida College System and universities have an articulation agreement which addresses the transfer of college courses and guarantees certain transfer rights for AA graduates of the Florida College System.

In addition to the graduation requirements students are also required to:

  1. Earn at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (“C”) or better in all work completed at Pensacola State College. If any work has been attempted at any other institution of higher education, the grades earned at the other institution(s) combined with those grades earned at Pensacola State College must also result in a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0; and
  2. Complete a minimum of 25% of the credit hours of the program in residence at Pensacola State College immediately prior to graduation.

Any student who knows the Associate in Arts area of study he or she plans to pursue at the upper-division may elect to customize his or her studies at Pensacola State College in accordance with the requirements of a particular college or university. Counselors and academic advisors are available to help the student who wishes to pursue this option. With the help of a counselor or an advisor, a student may take the choice of electives which will be the most advantageous to the pursuit of a particular bachelor’s degree. (See Option to Follow University General Education Requirements.)

Areas Of Concentration

The following are pre-planned sets of electives for the areas of concentration to complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree:

Agricultural Science






Computer Information Systems

Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Teacher: Pre-Primary



Environmental Science

General Studies

History—Public Service

Horticultural Science/Golf and Sport Turf Management

Human Performance and Recreation




Natural Resource Conservation/Pre-Forestry



Pre-Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Pre-Law/Pre-Legal Administration

Pre-Medical/Dental/Veterinary Studies



Pre-Physical Therapy


Social Sciences

Social Work


Option to Follow University General Education Requirements

A student who wishes to take a planned transfer program of studies not outlined in the Pensacola State College catalog may use such a program for graduation if he or she meets the following guidelines: (A) Meets with a Pensacola State College counselor to review the proposed plan. The counselor will check course prerequisites and approve the plan in writing. (B) Within the student’s first 30 hours of credits, his or her alternate plan must be approved by a counselor and the relevant dean. (C) The student must then complete at least 30 credits at Pensacola State College. Alternate plans will be for a specific institution and must include documentation. The student will, upon completion of the model institution’s first two years’ academic work (at least 60 credits), be graduated with an Associate in Arts degree. The student’s transcript will not be stamped “General Education Requirements Met” unless the student has, in fact, completed the general education requirements at Pensacola State College.