General Education

General education at Pensacola State College reflects the institution’s deep conviction that successful, satisfying lives require a wide range of skills and knowledge. General education, in essence, augments the specialized training students receive in their majors and cultivates a knowledgeable, informed, literate human being. Therefore, the following global learning outcomes have been established for Pensacola State College general education courses.

Global Learning Outcomes

  1. CRITICAL THINKING: Students will evaluate the validity of their own and others’ ideas through questioning, analyzing, and synthesizing results into the creative process.
  2. COMMUNICATION: Students will develop effective reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to communicate verbally and nonverbally on literal and figurative levels.
  3. SCIENTIFIC AND MATHEMATICAL LITERACY: Students will apply an understanding of mathematical, natural science, and behavioral science principles and methods to solve abstract and practical problems.
  4. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Students will use effective strategies to collect, verify, document, and manage information from a variety of sources.
  5. CULTURAL LITERACY: Students will develop an appreciation of human culture and its diversity and the role of the creative arts in society.
  6. SOCIAL SKILLS: Students will develop and use skills and attitudes that integrate individuals into society.
  7. PERSONAL MANAGEMENT: Students will develop habits of conduct that result in fulfilling personal and occupational accomplishments.