Health Unit Coordinator Career and Technical Certificate (HUC-VC)

This 500 clock hour program prepares the Health Unit Coordinator student to work in the nursing unit under the direction and guidance of a designated nursing unit staff member. Duties include clerical tasks, receptionist activities and transcription of physician’s orders. Learning takes place in the classroom and in supervised practical experiences in a local hospital setting.

Enrollment in this program is limited by available clinical assignments. Immediately prior to the clinical portion of the program all students must satisfactorily pass a federal background check, drug screen and physical examination/immunization record, and hold a current American Heart Association CPR for health care provider card. Students should contact the Allied Health Department or the Admissions Specialist, Health Programs Office on the Warrington Campus for information on admissions procedures and criteria.

The program information packet is available on the college website for answers to frequently asked questions, program schedule and more specific details.

This program is being inactivated effective 20151.  Students should contact the department for more information.

Required Courses

Semester I

HSC 0003CBasic Healthcare Worker

90 ch

HIM 0076Health Unit Clerk^

240 ch

Semester II

HIM 0076LHealth Unit Clerk Clinical^

180 ch

HIM 0076L: See General Education Course Requirements page for options.

Total Credit Hours: 510