Electricity Career and Technical Certificate (ELECT-VC)

Department Head:

Danny Steele, (850) 484-2522


This program offers entry level electrical skills required by the construction industry. Electricians install electrical systems in structures; they install wiring and other electrical components, such as circuit breaker panels, switches, and light fixtures, and they follow blueprints, the National Electrical Code® and state and local codes. Completers of this program earn a Florida Vocational Certificate in Electricity. The program is also nationally certified by The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

Courses in this 1200 hour program offer a combination of theory and hands-on training. Among the topics covered are: DC/AC theories; proper selection and use of power and hand tools used in the trade; use of blueprints; National Electrical Code (NEC); wiring techniques; and electrical maintenance procedures. Training experience will consist of "hands-on" situations in the lab and through actual construction projects with the emphasis placed on safety in the lab and on the project site. Basic entry-level skills in math, reading, and language must be attained in order to complete this program. Students wishing to enter this program of study should be advised by the instructor or program manager prior to enrollment in these courses.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses

BCV 0003CIntroductory to Craft Skills

150 ch

BCV 0670CIntroduction to Electricity Level 1^

120 ch

BCV 0671CIntermediate Electricity Level 1^

120 ch

BCV 0672CIntroduction to Electricity Level 2^

180 ch

BCV 0673CIntermediate Electricity Level 2^

120 ch

BCV 0674CIntermediate Electricity Level 3^

120 ch

BCV 0675CIntermediate Electricity Level 3^

120 ch

BCV 0676CIntroduction to Electricity Level 4^

150 ch

BCV 0677CIntermediate Electricity Level 4^

150 ch

Total Credit Hours: 1200