Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Management, Law Enforcement Administration (LE-BAS)

The BAS degree in Business and Management, Law Enforcement Administration concentration provides access to the student who already has skills in a technical area and wishes to advance to higher level supervisory and management positions within business, industry, and governmental organizations. The upper-level coursework will broaden the student’s knowledge in applied management practices and will prepare the student for supervisory and management opportunities within his or her chosen field.

Admission requires an AS degree, an AA degree, or at least sixty credits in a related discipline including at least fifteen credit hours of transferable general education coursework. 

For AS graduates, additional general education credits are required to complete the 36 credit hour general education requirement of Pensacola State College.

Program Contacts

Debra Kuhl

District Academic Department Head, Business

Coordinator, Organizational Administration Concentration


Kirk Bradley

Dean, Baccalaureate Studies and Academic Support


Degree Requirements

General education courses (36 cc)

Baccalaureate students must complete the 36 credit hour general education curriculum.

Each baccalaureate student must meet the foreign language requirement as defined in the general education section of the catalog.

Lower Level degree requirements (21 cc)

Student must complete an additional 21 credit hours in courses in the lower division (1000 and 2000 level) with prefixes of ACG, ACO, BUL, CAP, CCJ, CET, CGS, CJC, CJE, CJJ, CJL, COM, COP, CTS, EGN, ECO, ETD, ETI, ETM, ETS, FIN, FSS, GEB, HFT, MAN, MAR, MKA, MNA, OST, OR PLA.

Recommended lower level courses:

COM 2100    Business Communications

MAN 2021    Principles of Management

MNA 1300    Human Resource Management

Lower level coursework in any field (21 cc)

Student must complete 21 credit hours of coursework at the lower division (1000 and 2000 level) in any field.

Required core courses (21 cc)

Grade of C or higher required.

BUL 3130Legal Environment

3 cc

FIN 3400Financial Management

3 cc

GEB 3213Professional Communications

3 cc

MAN 3240Organizational Behavior

3 cc

MAN 3303Theories of Leadership

3 cc

MAN 3353Management Theory

3 cc

MAN 4301Human Resource Administration

3 cc

Required concentration courses (15 cc)

CJE 3310Law Enforcement Administration I

3 cc

CJE 3311Law Enforcement Administration II

3 cc

MAN 3350Training & Development

3 cc

MAN 4720Strategic Management

3 cc

PAD 4046Values, Ethics and Conflict Resolution

3 cc

MAN 4720: Required for all students in final semester of coursework.

Concentration electives (6 cc)

Select two of the elective courses listed below.

ACG 3024Accounting for Non-Financial Majors

3 cc

MAN 3063Professional Ethics and Values

3 cc

MAN 3503Managerial Risk Analysis and Decision Making

3 cc

MAN 4113Managing Diversity

3 cc

Total Credit Hours: 120