Barbering Career and Technical Certificate (BARB-VC)

Prepares students for licensure and employment as a barber to administer hair designs and hair care. For questions regarding entrance requirements and program application, contact the Professional Service Careers Department. Evening classes only (Monday–Thursday). Summer Term Monday-Friday.

We strongly encourage you to contact the Professional Service Careers Department for assistance in planning your program of study.

Department Head:

Danny Steele, (850) 484-2522

Program Contact:

Sherry McCrea, (850) 484-2025

Certificate Requirements (1200 ch)

Semester 1

COS 0421CBarbering I

240 ch

Semester 2

COS 0422CBarbering II

240 ch

Semester 3

COS 0423CBarbering III

240 ch

Semester 4

COS 0424CBarbering IV

240 ch

Semester 5

COS 0425LBarbering V

210 ch

COS 0920Barbering-State Board Preparation

30 ch